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Kim's novels focus on provoking conversations about important topics related to technology and emotional intelligence. 


Dissonance X A Thousand Pieces of You

YA Grounded Sci-Fi / Fantasy

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When 15-year-old Elora is dragged from Earth in her sleep by a manipulative oligarchy—the Universal Order—she must choose: acquiesce and help spirits transition across worlds in chains, or incite a war with the U.O. to defend universal freedom.

Stand-alone novel with series potential and themes of sci-fi, romance, fantasy, and technology.

Target Audience: Young Adult Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Full manuscript available.

Professional dev edit performed by a RevPit coach.

We Are Satellites X The Hating Game

Adult Speculative Fiction / Romance

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In 2053, when young entrepreneur Minta Evans accepts a despicable corporate job to save her lifestyle—and bank account—she knows she’s selling out. But she never imagined being asked to push her clients toward cutting-edge technology to remain competitive: connecting their brains to the cloud. Caught between satisfying her CEO, clashing with a colleague-turned-lover, and defending her personal values of relationships and humanity above all else, Minta rebels against social norms and defies top-tier connectivity. But when strange events begin to feel like she’s in a real-life thriller, will Minta quit to escape the compounding anguish, or is it too late to get out?

Explores human dynamics in the age of artificial intelligence.

Target Audience: Adult Spec Fic / Rom-Com

Full manuscript available.

Partial professional dev edit performed by publishing industry editor.

Klara and the Sun X Bladerunner

Adult Sci-Fi / Speculative Fiction

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A humanoid rekindles a lost friendship with her 'sister,' a human, as they explore how to define love, sentience, and agency in robots, and whether that entitles them to certain rights. Who will prevail when tensions run deep with a government and corporations who intend to keep humanoids silent?

Inspects human-robot relationships in the twenty-first century.

Target Audience: Adult Sci-Fi / Spec Fic

Full manuscript available.

Underwent several revision rounds after feedback at NYPitch March 2022.

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As a mother, Kim knows how important reading is for family bonding and child development. Real-life experiences and imaginative storytelling influence her manuscripts: sing-along books, fundamental lessons, or character explorations.

Emma is free to be what she wants—an astronaut, a pirate, or a princess, to name a few. But when she sees worms struggling, what else can she do? In a flash, she’s a hero, with a song to save the day. A little dirt never hurt, and she’s a fearless kid at play.

Target Audience: Preschool through 1st grade (ages 3-6)

Full manuscript available.


A Natural Girl


It’s a cold winter morning at the lake, but who said you can’t have fun inside?! The kids start a band with things they find around the house and play a show on an island for their biggest fans! Readers will be inspired to join the band and sing along (or drum along) as this family makes music together.


Target Audience: Preschool through 1st grade (ages 3-6)

Full manuscript available.




Playful, inventive Noah loves having his friend, the Giant around to help with all the big things in life: they build a treehouse, string holiday lights, touch the tops of skyscrapers, architect bridges, and more. But while Noah always wants to do grandiose things, his friend, the Giant quietly prefers the small moments. One day the Giant takes the lead and they use their five senses. By the end, Noah becomes more emotionally intelligent and learns to balance receiving with giving.

Target Audience: Preschool through early elementary (ages 4-8)

Full manuscript available.

Eric knows music is a great unifier, even among a group of strangers. He picks a jukebox tune to honor the legacy of his Pop Pop and turns a dull restaurant into a dance hall full of memories and smiles. Did Pop Pop inspire Eric from his place among the stars? 

Target Audience: Elementary (ages 6-10)

Full manuscript available.


Saturn with Headphones

Inventive gnome, Maddy, is full of hope and vision that her small, dull village of Pine Grove can be happy, if only they would see their potential. She builds a kaleidoscope to inspire them, and together, they find vibrancy.

Target Audience: Preschool through early elementary (ages 4-8)

Full manuscript available.

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